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Active Prelude to Calculus

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absolute value function, Definition
approaching \(0\), Paragraph
average rate of change, Definition
of position, Paragraph
units, Paragraph
average velocity, Paragraph
Bezier curves, Paragraph
circular cylinder
surface area, Paragraph
volume, Paragraph
circular function, Paragraph
amplitude, Paragraph
midline, Paragraph
range, Paragraph
circular functions, Subsection
composite function, Definition
continuously compounded interest, Item
cosecant function, Definition
cosine function, Definition
cotangent function, Definition
Dolbear’s Law, Paragraph
double angle identity, Paragraph
exponential function
base, Definition
doubling time, Exercise
exponential decay, Paragraph
growth factor, Paragraph
growth rate, Paragraph
with the natural base, \(e\), Definition
exponential growth
introduction, Paragraph
codomain, Definition
definition, Definition
dependent variable, Paragraph
domain, Definition
exponential, Definition
graph, Definition
independent variable, Paragraph
introduction to, Paragraph
notation, Paragraph
periodic, Definition
range, Definition
function arithmetic
difference of, Definition
product of, Definition
quotient of, Definition
sum of, Definition
function trends
concave down, Definition
concave up, Definition
decreasing, Definition
increasing, Definition
fundamental trigonometric identity, Paragraph Assemblage
gravity, Paragraph
falling object, Assemblage
gravitational constant, Paragraph
harmonic oscillator, Paragraph
horizontal asymptote, Paragraph
horizontal scaling, Assemblage
without bound, Paragraph
increasing without bound, Definition
infinity, Paragraph
inverse function
definition, Definition
horizontal line test, Assemblage
notation, Paragraph
two perspectives, Assemblage
inverse trigonometric functions
arccosine, Definition
arcsine, Definition
arctangent, Definition
involving infinity, Definition
\(y\)-intercept, Paragraph
point-slope form, Assemblage
slope-intercept form, Assemblage
linear function, Definition
slope, Definition
base \(10\)
definition, Definition
definition, Exercise
definition, Definition
of a product, Assemblage
of a quotient, Assemblage
logistic function, Paragraph
natural base, \(e\), Definition
Newton’s Law of Cooling, Paragraph
parabola, Paragraph
vertex, Assemblage
period, Definition
point-slope form, Paragraph
coefficients, Definition
degree, Definition
long-range behavior, Assemblage
multiple zeros, Assemblage
number of turning points, Assemblage
terms, Definition
zero, Definition
zero of multiplicity \(n\), Paragraph
polynomial function, Definition
zero, Item
power function, Definition
Pythagorean Theorem, Paragraph
quadratic formula, Assemblage
quadratic function, Paragraph
vertex, Assemblage
vertex form, Assemblage
x-intercepts, Paragraph
y-intercept, Paragraph
radian, Item
radian measure
definition of, Definition
rational function, Definition
domain, Assemblage
hole, Paragraph
long-term behavior, Assemblage
rectangular box
surface area, Paragraph
volume, Paragraph
secant function, Definition
sign chart, Paragraph
similar triangles, Paragraph
sine function, Definition
sinusoidal function
anchor point, Paragraph
sum of two angles identity, Paragraph
surface area
box, Paragraph
cylinder, Paragraph
tangent function, Definition
transformation of a function, Paragraph
horizontal translation, Assemblage
vertical scaling, Assemblage
vertical translation, Assemblage
trigonometry, Paragraph
turning point, Item
unit circle, Paragraph
vertical asymptote, Paragraph
vertical line test, Assemblage
box, Paragraph
cone, Paragraph
cylinder, Paragraph
Zero Product Property, Paragraph