Active Calculus Multivariable

The textbook

The PDF workbook for Active Multi is forthcoming and will be available by mid-August 2023.

Like Active Prelude and Active Single, Active Multi is a textbook designed to be worked in, rather than one that has all of the work already completed.

Instructors interested in using Active Multi should visit the Instructors page to learn more about available supporting materials and to join the Google Group for Instructors.

A key update to the HTML version of the text for 2023 is that the new chapter on vector calculus written by Mitch Keller and Nick Long is now included, rather than being hosted separately. See Chapter 13 for details.

Active Multi is designed to support an active learning approach in the third semester of calculus, including more than 100 activities and 300 exercises. In the HTML version, more than 200 of the exercises are available as anonymous interactive WeBWorK exercises. There are also 3D full-color graphics in much of the text, including interactive Sage cells in Chapter 13.